Fall Market 2013


Twice a year, ATC shows new product during New York Home Fashion Market. Since beginning at ATC as Packaging Designer, part of my job has been to provide creative support and graphics, as well as help to physically bring in product and help set the showroom. We just wrapped up Fall Market, 2013 setup, and in my role as Creative Manager, this was the first that I’ve been responsible for managing.

My responsibilities included: overseeing development & provided creative leadership and direction of company showroom, new product brand development, creative direction to design team, showroom set design, scheduling of events and deadlines, maintained budget.

Developed layout based on brand story potential:

SHOWROOM LAYOUT-Fall2013-03Mood Boards:

Showroom-MOOD-1 Showroom-MOOD-2




Final HTT Ad Design:


Final Showroom Layout:

I Remember Halloween


So It’s 3:23am Friday morning, and although I was so tired that I fell asleep on the couch at 9:30pm, here I am now – laying on the couch in the dark – trying to write away my ever so present alertness. I don’t see 7am being kind to me, nor my work day, but we’ll deal with that later.

Getting back to the message at hand: I was working with the folks at Agency 1903 today to put the finishing touches on the new shop.AllerEase.com site. (very excited, launching soon, 1903 has done a fantastic job making it come to life!) Somehow the topic of office fun/pranks came up and I immediately thought of the cube decorating contest that we had last year. Although we didn’t win the grand prize, we certainly won the creative vote, plus we had a great time. Continue reading

Fresh from Market

The NYC Showroom setup was a success! LDP did an amazing job creating wooden sculptures that doubled as product display pieces. Feedback has been very positive and Market Week has gone smoothly for ATC! I will post pictures soon but in the meantime, here’s my latest in-house project: ATC Cares Day flyer. I had a lot of fun creating this one and it was a refreshing project to come back to the office to.