Fall Market 2013


Twice a year, ATC shows new product during New York Home Fashion Market. Since beginning at ATC as Packaging Designer, part of my job has been to provide creative support and graphics, as well as help to physically bring in product and help set the showroom. We just wrapped up Fall Market, 2013 setup, and in my role as Creative Manager, this was the first that I’ve been responsible for managing.

My responsibilities included: overseeing development & provided creative leadership and direction of company showroom, new product brand development, creative direction to design team, showroom set design, scheduling of events and deadlines, maintained budget.

Developed layout based on brand story potential:

SHOWROOM LAYOUT-Fall2013-03Mood Boards:

Showroom-MOOD-1 Showroom-MOOD-2




Final HTT Ad Design:


Final Showroom Layout:

Out with the old, in with the new!

Happy New Year! Today marks my 5th anniversary at American Textile Company, and what better way to celebrate than launching our newly designed Corporate Identity? This project has been my baby for the last year and I’m so proud and excited to see it all come together with the website up and running.



atc_new_logoATC Logo AFTER

AllerEase.com Redesign

Using our new AllerEase look and feel, I developed and expanded the design for all pages of www.aller-ease.com. There were some hiccups along the way and some restrictions due to ecommerce software, but overall we’re ecstatic about the fresh new site. A lot of thought went into the user experience and we worked with an outside agency to develop wireframes for navigation.

Before(s): AllerEase had 2 websites, and ecommerce site and an information site. Because of the “shop.com” platform used, the two sites looked completely different and were not easy to navigate.

After: The updated logo, photography and graphics are showcased by the clean, fresh background. This website combines both the ecommerce and informative functions into one site and enhances the user experience greatly.

Sneak Peek

I realize that I haven’t posted any work for a while, and it’s mostly because… I’ve been doing a lot of work. So here’s a sneak peek of a hang tag that I’m developing for upcoming Market.

Hand drawn ATC Font. One piece of this tag will be printed on a cotton fabric and I’m thinking the staple will become an antique brass fastener.

AllerEase Brand

AllerEase Brand

As lead graphic designer on the relaunch of the national protective bedding brand, AllerEase (in 2008 and 2011),
my creative input and design shaped the logo and overall brand look and feel.  Once the brand was established,
I applied the template to all forms of brand communication. From website, integrating QR Code technology,
national and trade ads, in-store  marketing and signage, and email blasts.
Below are a few examples of my work.

Good Housekeeping Ads

Home Textiles Today Ad

QR Code Landing Pages

Miscellaneous Brand Support

Trifold hand out that explains the newly implemented brand strategy.