ABFU + [design]

ABFU + [design] came to life in early 2006. It began with the simple idea that my partner Alex and I could pull our two unique creative styles together to form an unstoppable design force. A truly creative freelance collaboration resulted. We started out working on projects for Piper’s Pub – creating ads, business cards, t-shirts, etc. When TDFC (Tartan Devils Football Club) was founded in the spring of ’08 through the Pub, we really found our creative niche. Given free range to build a new brand – through both design and marketing – from scratch, has been a fun and challenging adventure. We’ve successfully taken this once fledgling team and turned it into a 3 team 5 team strong organization that members love, complete with a sideline full of spectators and a Pub full of patrons after the games. A lot of blood, sweat, tears (and sometimes arguments) go into everything we do, and we’re certainly proud of our work.

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