In early 2011, we were challenged with how to improve Target’s pillow aisle and endcaps. This was a very large project that involved working as cross functional teams. We began by doing a store shop to get a sense of their current set up. We noticed that the pillows were not sitting in their fixtures well and when we tested the usability of the display, we found it difficult to remove and then replace the product. This accounted for a disorganized, disheveled aisle. A second issue was shop-ability. It was somewhat confusing and difficult look at the POG and understand the difference between each pillow.  To find a solution, we worked with a wireframe company to design a better fixture using what Target already had with little modification. We brainstormed the best way to clearly communicate the benefit of each pillow and I created multiple options for 3 dimensional signage that fit within Targets aesthetic.

Once we finalized the fixture  and decided on signage,  I created a rendering to scale.

I expanded this design to the remainder of their assortment to show how the full program would function:

I worked with Copies at Carson to have the signage created, adhesive vinyl stickers made for mock pillow packaging, and even to print the display sign on the pillow shell. We built a full size model to take to Minneapolis along with a scaled down version of the entire assortment.

For a second meeting at Target, we explored how just the Washable pillow could be transformed into an endcap display under either the AllerEase or RestRight brand.

Actual printed proto type of pillow bin:

We also looked into other secondary ways to merchandise pillows using existing fixtures.

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