2 thoughts on “TDFC 2013 End of Season Shirt!

  1. I’m really digging your work Brandy! I saw this logo once I got the invite from Alex to join the FB group and I had to find out who did it. I had a chance to check out more of your work in this portfolio and I have to say your work is tight, effective, and very fresh! I’ve worked with and for many creative souls like ourselves but I haven’t been impressed by a body of work like this in a long time. Fantastic work all the way around! Good luck in all you do (although you won’t need much.)

    Most Sincerely,
    Rob Shultz

    • Hi Rob, thanks! Alex and I do a lot of very fun freelance work together, I do a lot of corporate and branding design for my day job. It’s a very good thing to be proud of something you’re involved in, and especially great to hear that someone appreciates it! 🙂

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