Showroom Design September 2010

Twice a year we show product at the New York Home Fashions Market. I collaborate with an interior designer and my team to create an overall look and feel for the showroom, decide what product stories to tell and how to merchandise with signage.

With each Market we continue to refine our preparation to streamline workflow. Many moving parts are involved and we pull it all together, making sure that the final showroom concept, layout and design flows well. It is a challenging task with an ever changing product lineup that is sometimes not finalized until days before we to our New York Showroom to setup.

Here’s where this particular Showroom design began… Continue reading

TDFC Posters

We wanted to let everyone at the Pub know when TDFC’s games were played. For the first season, we posted a single poster in the pub with game dates, times and field locations.

By the second season we realized that to get a larger crowd of supporters, social media was key to spreading the word. Just posting the info on Facebook wasn’t enough so we began a poster campaign. Making 16 posters (one for every game) wouldn’t have been too tough if only used online. Instead, we had each one screen printed by hand and sold them to raise funds for the team. This meant color restraints, time restraints and oh yeah, and I had never had to preflight files for screen print before, let alone designed with color separations in mind. This was anexercise in maintaining sanity, but we came out on the other side with a fantastic amount of hard-earned knowledge and a screen printer who will still talk to us. So basically a win win situation!


These days it seems that everyone I know either has a puppy or a baby. In my experience, the babies are more fun to prepare for. Here’s a project that I worked on for a baby shower BBQ. I created a logo, t-shirts, and an oversize Baby Pool betting chart to up the baby ante.


Other options:

Team Boy vs Team Girl Ts:

Very complicated, high stakes Time/Date/Price/Gender chart. (I didn’t win the money):

New! Custom charts are available upon request. Click here to send a note through my contact page and I’ll get back to you with details.

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FOCUS – Company Goal

In 2010, the Marketing team established a program designed to communicate the 5 key points that all company employees should keep in mind in order to attain a 2 year sales goal. I created the logo and all collateral based on the acronym FOCUS. The actual monetary goal has been purposely blurred for confidentiality.

Final logo, logo thumbnails.



Once the logo was decided, I expanded it into screen printed Tshirts, posters, banners, pens, travel mugs and various other forms of communication.


Below is a Blue Sky suggestion program rendering. It shows where the poster and suggestion box would be placed in the office. Also, The logo was broken down to a very simple form in for embroidery.

Sell It!

“Sell it Daim-oh! Sell it like it’s your job!” Maybe not the most elegant thing I’ve ever said, but possibly one of the most eloquent. I was teasing a Sells Rep colleague when this came out unexpectedly, everyone liked it so well that a logo was requested. One of the most fun projects that I’ve done and it still makes me laugh. Looking up reference images of slimy door to door salesmen was a highlight.

Metric Boards

4’x8′ boards designed to hold 81/2″x11″ literature holders. The goal was to appeal to workers in each location and attract their attention to the metrics presented. Challenges involved were: how to organize shifts and the number of machines while fitting everything in, another was figuring out what height was appropriate for the information to be easily read, and using large high res images on a G4 Mac that was 5 years old… it sounded like a helicopter was taking off when I’d use it.

AllerEase Brand

AllerEase Brand

As lead graphic designer on the relaunch of the national protective bedding brand, AllerEase (in 2008 and 2011),
my creative input and design shaped the logo and overall brand look and feel.  Once the brand was established,
I applied the template to all forms of brand communication. From website, integrating QR Code technology,
national and trade ads, in-store  marketing and signage, and email blasts.
Below are a few examples of my work.

Good Housekeeping Ads

Home Textiles Today Ad

QR Code Landing Pages

Miscellaneous Brand Support

Trifold hand out that explains the newly implemented brand strategy.