Showroom Design September 2010

Twice a year we show product at the New York Home Fashions Market. I collaborate with an interior designer and my team to create an overall look and feel for the showroom, decide what product stories to tell and how to merchandise with signage.

With each Market we continue to refine our preparation to streamline workflow. Many moving parts are involved and we pull it all together, making sure that the final showroom concept, layout and design flows well. It is a challenging task with an ever changing product lineup that is sometimes not finalized until days before we to our New York Showroom to setup.

Here’s where this particular Showroom design began… Continue reading

TDFC Posters

We wanted to let everyone at the Pub know when TDFC’s games were played. For the first season, we posted a single poster in the pub with game dates, times and field locations.

By the second season we realized that to get a larger crowd of supporters, social media was key to spreading the word. Just posting the info on Facebook wasn’t enough so we began a poster campaign. Making 16 posters (one for every game) wouldn’t have been too tough if only used online. Instead, we had each one screen printed by hand and sold them to raise funds for the team. This meant color restraints, time restraints and oh yeah, and I had never had to preflight files for screen print before, let alone designed with color separations in mind. This was anexercise in maintaining sanity, but we came out on the other side with a fantastic amount of hard-earned knowledge and a screen printer who will still talk to us. So basically a win win situation!